Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Baking

Who doesn't enjoy the holiday goodies made by mothers, grandmothers, neighbors, etc.? I sure do. Sister Jones to this day still makes my most favorite holiday goodie. They are these most delicious truffles that melt in your mouth. She knows how much I love them that she brings me my own plate and waits until I am home to deliver them. The sad thing is I usually hide them and forget that I hid them until I get back home. This year however I will not do that. I attempted these once, but they weren't nearly as beautiful as hers. They still tasted yummy, but not quite like hers. Maybe I will attempt this again in the coming week. I did however make my famous Peanut Clusters today. I still can't figure out how to not make a mess of my kitchen when I bake though. I am in a major baking mood this year. When I was a kid my mom would spend several days in December baking Christmas goodies, that we usually gave away, but mom always hid them under her bed and so when I needed a little treat I would sneak under her bed. She always made divinity, fudge, haystacks, and carmels. However she also made my favorite cinnamon twists which she would make into in the shape of a wreath. Sister Pool always brought us a pecan roll, which I loved. I came across a recipe for them this week. I may just attempt my hand at such a thing. Grandma Young use to make these fruit filled cookies. My favorite were the cherry filled ones. She always made them and froze them. I liked them cold as they were in thawing mode. Christmas Eve we always were sent home a platter of Grandmas treats. These days everyone makes a treat and the aunts put them together and we still go home with a plate of goodies Christmas Eve. So what are you going to make this year?


  1. So I heard you had a special bag of peanut clusters for the Bishop...that were given on the condition that he keep them in his office at the church. What about the rest of us?? =)

  2. They are coming, don't you worry...