Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party

I have great friends. 3 years ago when I missed my first Christmas, I had three roommates. That year we had our first Christmas Cookie/Candy exchange and Christmas Party. Tonight we recreated it. After Carly suggested we do it again, I took her advice and we did. However it was a totally different crowd from that first one that it was tonight, which was perfect. We had us a great time. For me it is a small way to celebrate Christmas Eve like my family does in taking home a plate of goodies from grandmas. We had delicious food and amazing treats. My favorite however were Vickie's oreo balls...Can I just say HEAVEN! I think everyone else would agree too. I use to have dinners and get togethers at my home quite frequently, but haven't for some time. It was fun to have everyone over and to relax and celebrate the season. I may not be home celebrating, but I have wonderful friends who are examples of Christ and bring the Christmas spirit to those they are around.

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