Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spanish Christmas

So this evening I went to the church to play the hymns for tomorrows all music Sacrament meeting. Well, it turned out that the Spanish Branch was having their Christmas Party, which started in the chapel with speakers and music. It was quite the party. I have several friends that attend the Spanish Branch and they drug me into their festivities. Lets just say it wasn't the traditional ham and potatoes American Christmas tradition. It was so much more and better. I think I would enjoy being in their huge branch. I couldn't believe how many people were in attendance. You see, I actually went sometime after 8, well, they were just beginning their festivities. Apparently they never start on time and never leave until late. I may not have understood every word that was being said, but I felt the Christmas Spirit as I listened to the talks and listened to them sing the Christmas Hymns. Finally after 9 I was able to practice my hymns for tomorrow. I left sometime around 10pm and they were still partying it up. If it would have been a normal white person ward, they would have been out of there by 830 no later. Why can't our ward enjoy being together that much? The Spanish Branch totally has the Christmas meaning down. Serving and loving others.

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