Friday, December 10, 2010

Homemade Christmas

I love a homemade Christmas. I can remember several years when that is mostly what we got. I especially remember when I was in the eighth grade. Mom was pregnant with Tanner. I was not a very easy teenager to deal with, I know it is hard to believe because of the amazing way I turned out, but just imagine it for a bit. Anyway there was a particular day that I was not being heavenly. I don't remember anything about that day except that I was punished by having to stay home from school. Like I said I don't remember the details, but my mom knew that I loved going to school, so she kept me home that day. Whatever it was happened before school and that is why I had to stay home. Anyway, I remember it had to do with something with my dad, which dad usually stayed out of it. But I remember mom saying to me after I had been disrespectful to my dad and probably hurt his feelings, "He is working on something very special for you for Christmas, so you better be nice." Yes indeed. That year Tenielle and I received our homemade cedar chests. I will never forget that Christmas. How grateful I was for the skills that my dad had and the heart he has that he would spend so much time in his cold shop making something so special for me. That chest is still in my bedroom where it was placed so many years ago. Someday it will be in my own home for me to cherish. I have come to the conclusion that homemade Christmas gifts are always more cherished than the store bought ones. And so this year I continue to work on my homemade Christmas!

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