Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ahhhhhh, Saturday

I know you are all screaming at me to write, so you have something exciting to read; just kidding. I really wasn't taking a break, I just have been working too much this month. In fact I have decided after working the past 8 of 9 days with 2 night shifts in the middle that I can no longer work 15 or 16 shifts a month. Just can't do it. In November and December I worked 14 shifts, which were perfect. So from now on so that I don't yell at my nurses or get to a point that I really hate my job and the crazy people around here, I will only work 14 shifts a month. I know you are all thinking what a wimp. Sure, I am and I admit it. I can easily live on 14 shifts a month and I think I will be much more sane for doing so. In fact I just gave up a shift in March and am now down to 15. Maybe I will have to give one more up.

Today was a fabulous day. Of course it was fabulous because I didn't work a night shift last night and I had the entire day off. I opened the blinds to blue sky and sunshine. In fact when I walked down stairs this morning the sun was trying as hard as it could to blast through my closed blinds. I sure enjoy the blinds open and sun spraying in. I met my friend Emily this morning and drove to the temple. What a better thing to do on a beautiful day than to serve someone else. It was a beautiful day indeed. Finally 60 degrees. It won't last long though. My friend Emily and I have wonderful talks. I can tell her anything and she doesn't judge. Instead this morning she was laughing and so was I at something that I wasn't laughing about earlier this week. The issue we were discussing wasn't a laughing matter, when it initially was brought to my attention, but better to laugh than to cry. After the temple we enjoyed a lovely lunch at O'Charlies. I absolutely love their California Chicken Salad. Yummers! And now my Saturday is over and I must go to bed so that I can get up for early church tomorrow. Lets look on the bright is suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow, it is my parents 35th wedding anniversary, and I'll be out by noon, that is unless I decide to go to choir practice. I had to leave early last week because I was stinking tired and lets just face it; they sounded horrible. I sure hope no one there is reading this blog, but I know Karen will. Maybe they would sound better if you joined them!


  1. So was that some kind of test to make sure I'm still reading your blog? =)

  2. No, it was more of a joke to get you to join choir. I just couldn't go in there today after how bad they sounded last week.