Thursday, January 13, 2011

6th Anniversary

I still can't believe it. I've been here in Charlotte, clear across the country from my family for 6 years. Never dreamed I would last here this long. And I still can't figure out what keeps me here. Maybe it is the thought of moving. I really hate to move. My parents have lived in the same house for 34 years probably because they don't like moving either. I promise, I will not be in this house for 34 years. I remember the day I moved here it was 73. Today it is frigid and I wish it was 73. I really am getting very tired of this cold. It has been the coldest winter on record here or at least in many years. In fact this week we have had snow and ice. Seriously enough winter already. Can I please have 100 degrees and 100% humidity so that my hands aren't cracking, my nose isn't bleeding, and my lips are soft enough to kiss. Well the last doesn't matter since I'm not kissing anyone at this point. Would be nice though. Maybe next year I will have a reason to move. Or maybe someone will give me a reason to move...One never knows.
PS. I believe I failed to mention that in December after working on refinancing my house since June, seriously it took that long and not because of me, that I did it. I puked at the bank while getting my cashiers check, not because I was nervous about signing for only 15 years, but because I hadn't puked in over 5 years and I had to sign that day. I didn't even have to pay closing costs, because the bank took forever. I lumped it all into one loan (will never do an 80/20 again) and now I will own this house in 15 years. Sure hope I'm not here that long either. And my interest rate is only 4%, much better than 6.25% and 8.5%!

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