Friday, December 19, 2014

Someplace To Live FF

1.  Oh, it has been a fabulous week indeed!  Saturday we had our ward Christmas Party which I played the piano for.  The primary kids played out the nativity as the ward members sang songs.  It was so cute.
2.  Sunday Mr. J and I had a few conversations, one at church and one at my home when he dropped off some of my things that were at his house.  Nothing big or fancy, but it was nice for us to be cordial and actually have a conversation.  I can see the Lord's hand in knowing I need someone better than Mr. J.  He is a good man, but I know there is someone better out there for me.  It was also Little Girls A's Birthday.  She is such a cute thing and came into church wearing the darling yellow dress I got her for Easter.  She always runs up to me and gives me a hug when she see's me.
3.  Monday I met my friend Janelle and her darling, very well behaved twins in Awatukee.  I had narrowed down 5 apartments and she helped me pick the best one for me.  I'm so excited to have a place where I can unload my possessions of which have been in storage for over 3 years.  It will be like Christmas all over again!  I never dreamed I'd live in an apartment ever again after doing so in college, but for now until I make sure the job is good and I can survive summer here it is the best thing for me.  Awatukee is a darling community where there is a Trader Joes down the street, great hiking at South Mountain, green belts around lakes and a library across the street from where I will live.  The freeway is 1 mile from my apartment and I can get pretty much anywhere I need to in 30 minutes or less!  This apartment feels more like a home than an a apartment and will have all new wood floors throughout, except carpet in the bedrooms!
4.  Monday night I went with my cousin Laura's family to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights.  I loved this display of the wisemen and also seeing grapefruit tree's with lights on them.
5. Tuesday I had the day off too, 3 days off in a row hasn't happened since I've been here that I haven't been out of town.  I took Betty into the Dr's to have a tune up, I went jogging, wrapped Christmas presents and took gifts around to some friends.  It was such a nice relaxing day!
6.  3 days on and tomorrow I get to go home for 2 weeks!  Can't wait to spend the holidays with my family!


  1. So glad you found something you liked, it sounds perfect!! I will miss you!!!! Those temple lights are beautiful!!

  2. Oh, no worries. We will spend plenty of time together, I'll invite you over for dinner and I'll come pick your grapefruit! And I'm sure I'll have a sleep over at least once a month.