Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Fun

When I go on vacation I always say I'm going to blog every day. Yea, didn't happen again. But here are some highlights from this vacation home.
*Read a book and part of 2 other ones.
*Swam with my cousins, nieces, nephews, sister's, and sister-in-laws twice. Oh what fun we had.
Do you think she likes the water? Yep, couldn't get her out of it.
*Picked cherries from my cousins tree instead of paying $6 a pound and they were so delicious.
*Rode the tandem bike twice with Alisha, totally loved it.
*Had a baby sprinkle for Tristen at the hometown pizza parlor, where we spent time with cousins.
*Went on a 10 mile bike ride with cousin Alisha. It was a lovely, cool, dry morning and so relaxing.
*Had frozen yogurt several times.
*Slept In.
*Got my toenails painted by my sister Tenielle
*Had 2 slumber parties with cousin Alisha; I can see us at 80 still doing so.
*Had Sunday dinner with the family on a blistering hot day.

*Enjoyed my parents Ward Conference, where Tenielle and I played a piano/fiddle solo.
*Spent an afternoon talking with my aunt who gave me my grandmother's temple clothing(She passed away when I was 18 months).
*Watched my nieces for an afternoon while the mom and the sister's went to Harry Potter.
*Went to Arctic Circle for dinner with Tristen, mom, and my nieces.
*Went to costco about 5 times.
*Spent time at my grandparents visiting with extended family I haven't seen in years.
*Enjoyed an evening with my dear friend Kaycee; oh how I love her. You know a good friend when you can pick up from where you left off 7 months before.
*Spent 1 day in SLC, did sealings at the SLC temple with mom and dad, went on a DI Blitz where I found 3 pair of shoes, bought of pair of snow boots at Nordstrom for my upcoming move, had me some cafe rio and orange leaf.
*Had snow cones and cotton candy at Tristen's 24th of July celebration; my favorite!
Aidree loved them too!
*Watched New in Town twice, gosh I love that show. I had to watch it so I could get a look at her winter gear.
*Let Troy practice his EMT skills on me. It's so fun to see Troy excited about something other than hunting and fishing.
*Had lunch with the kids at McDonalds.
*Had dad's waffles and delicious fruit cups for breakfast.
*Went on walks while enjoying the dry weather.
*Watched Tanner in his debut in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. So very entertaining.

*Enjoyed every moment with my family playing cards, snuggling babies, eating, and making memories.


  1. I was blog hopping and stopped here on your blog- I saw a picture of Tenielle and I about died- I worked with her years back with the State and lost her contact; Is there anyway I could get her e-mail or could u tell me if she is on facebook? Or could you get her my information, I sure miss her and she is such a DOLL. You have such a cute blog.. Thanks again,
    Shalise Benjamin