Friday, April 19, 2013

A Different Fabulous Friday

I'm not one to talk about the evils of our world on my blog, especially for my Fabulous Friday post, given the purpose of it is to talk about positive things, however I'm going to diverge from the normal just a bit today.  The events of the past week have led me to focus on the positive that comes from tragedy.  In the past year our country has experienced shootings in movie theaters, elementary classrooms, book signings, malls, sports events such as this weeks Boston Marathon, stabbings at colleges, tornado's, hurricanes, snow storms and this weeks explosion in Texas.  All bring on such overwhelming grief and sadness for not only families and communities involved but for our entire country.  It is sadness and really unbelief knowing one might not come home at the end of the day because of someone's hurtful/bad/horrible (whatever word you want to use) choice of their free agency.  Why do bad things happen to good people, one will never know in this lifetime.  However such events bring out pure goodness and selflessness from the American people who give their time, shelter, money, food and prayers for people they will never likely know.  I don't know about you, but I know that I have felt the prayers of only a few at different times in my life.  I can't imagine the peace and comfort that must come from the prayers of thousands, if not millions on your and your families behalf.  I admit, I really haven't watched but a few hours of the events from this week.  I've mostly listened to the radio to and from work and read from a couple of news stations on the internet.  However, last night I was watching the news and hearing of people in Texas giving up their beds to those who have lost their homes and cooking meals in parking lots for those who needed a meal.  After such tragedy, people open their wallets graciously, when most of the time they will by pass the man or women on the street holding a sign asking for just a little help; I'm guilty of this at times.  I would venture to say this week there were nicer drivers on freeway's and highway's, who yes let me in during bumper to bumper traffic.  I was humbled to see people immediately run towards those injured during this weeks Boston Marathon Bombing, instead of one's instinct to run away from what might have been another bomb; one wouldn't know.  Many of those helping hold bleeding limbs and vessels with out gloves I'm sure weren't thinking of their health and blood borne diseases as I likely would have; or would I have just jumped in and not have thought about it?  I hope I wouldn't have been frightened with the what if's, while helping the helpless.  I'm grateful for EMS and Police professionals, who without thinking of themselves step up to the plate to risk their lives to help those in need and to protect us, the American People.  I commented at work today that such events would make one want to stay in their bubble, but then those who cause such grief would win.  So I will continue supporting large events, give more of myself and my cash to those in need and continue to pray for those many people dealing with life changing event's.  Gratefully evil yields hope, faith and goodness.

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