Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Europe Day 7 Passau/Salzburg

Today we woke in Passau which is on the boarder of Austria and Germany.  Tenielle, Dad, Mom and SuAnn got on a bus to go to Salzburg, while Jenny and I stayed behind to tour Passau. Again another cute, little European town! We saw another beautiful castle and church.  We did a little shopping before heading back to the boat where we had a true Bavarian lunch, which was exactly what I've been waiting for this entire trip.  It was delicious; love me some cabbage! The building below was built in 1499.
We had a relaxing afternoon on the boat where we read, wrote post cards and rested our eyes.  The view sailing through the mountains was absolutely incredible.  Pictures could never do it justice.  There were little towns among the tree's, all of which have a cute little church.

Meanwhile, in Salzburg...They visited the place where Mozart was born and the Sound of Music was filmed.

Fun Facts:
*The Danube is the only river in Europe to run both North and South, but mostly East and West.
*Mozart was able to write all of his music down by playing it only once.  He died poor.
*In 2013 the Danube River was the highest it has been except for one other year in the 1500's.

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  1. That building from 1499 is amazing!! Lots more great pictures!!