Thursday, June 5, 2014

Europe Day 8 Melk

This morning we woke in Melk, Austria!  So awesome that we are waking up in a different country this morning; that is 4 countries that we have been in over the past 8 days!  We only had one stop today which was at the famous Benedictine Abbey.  It was pretty, but kind of over the top.  We weren't stopped but 2 hours before we started down the Daube River again amongst castles and absolute beauty!
This evening when we stopped near Vienne for the night, we enjoyed a 55 minute walk on this great walking path near the river.  It was exactly what I needed after eating as much as we have.  Come Monday morning I'll be back to my 4 mile jogs in the morning and will have to add 2 miles to my regimen in the evening.

Fun Facts:  
*Apricots and Vineyards are the top production in Melk.
*The Benedictine Abbey burned down in 1700's and was rebuilt.
*There are 3065 windows and 495 rooms in the Abbey.
*There are 9 libraries and 100,000 books in the Abbey, of which we weren't allowed to take photo's of.
*In Austria Blue is the color for beginning and spirituality.
*Austria is 70% forest.
*Lintz the 3rd largest town in Austria has a 0% unemployment rate, because of the industry.

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  1. beautiful pictures of the country and all of you!! That last picture of Tonya was ---interesting!!! Austria sounds divine, no unemployment and 70% forest sounds to good to be true!!!