Thursday, June 26, 2014

In The Middle Of The Road

A few days back I was coming from the Library.  Unfamiliar to wear I was I missed my turn.  In the middle of the street I came upon an older man who had wrecked his bike.  He was holding his chest and shoulder which made me think he was having a heart attack.  I stopped my vehicle in the middle of the road, got out of my car and went to this man.  Just as I was getting to him, another man came from his house and from somewhere out of no where another women came to the aid of this man.  The three of us helped the man to the side of the road where we convinced him that he needed to go to the ER.  Just as I was going to say I'd take him, the women offered to take him.

A few hours later I went to the ER to get some pinto beans (yes I'm totally into pinto beans these days) from another co-worker.  I asked him how the day was going and he started to tell me about a man who had had a bike accident that he was flying out to Mass General.  I put two and two together and realized this was my middle of the road guy.  This poor man suffered a scapula fracture, several fractured ribs,  a bruised lung and skinned up knees and hands.  I was able to visit with this man and his wife for a bit before life flight arrived.  They were so grateful for angles that stopped and helped him.  I am glad I was able to be an angel for someone that day.

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  1. There are so many wonderful people in the world. You were an angel to stop and help him!! When I was leaving QT today a girl car stalled leaving a big line of cars behind her. Some people honked their frustration but then three people jumped out of their cars and helped her push her car, I thought it was so sweet, they were angels to her!!