Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Europe Day 6 Regensburg

Regensburg wasn't what I expected.  Actually I'm not quite sure what I expected, but I loved this little town that we woke up in yesterday.  It was the Europe that I've always pictured.  Our day started out with a walking tour.  I love this picture with all of our Asian friends, their hats and of course Tenielle in the background.

We saw again a most beautiful church with amazing architecture.  This church took 350 years to build.  There was an awesome pipe organ in there too.
We saw some beautiful gardens.
We had a lot of time to spend in town where we bought lots and lots of German Chocolate.  I spent 17 Euros which is about 23 dollars all on chocolate.  German Chocolate doesn't even compare to a Hershey's bar.  This chocolate totally melts in your mouth!  

For lunch we stopped off at the oldest sausage restaurant in Germany.  They give you super small sausages, sauerkraut and rolls (which are 80 cents each roll).  It was pretty good, however I would have loved some ketchup with mine, but the sweet mustard was delicious just as well.
Each night they have quite the entertainment here.  The 4 tour guides tried to convince us of picking the definition to certain words.  They would tell stories about their words and were quite funny doing so.  One of the words was Fulfahrt which means full throttle.  Ausfahrt signs are all over Germany which means exit.
Fun Facts:
*Regensburg has a BMW factory which would explain why there are so many BMW's in Germany.  There are also a lot of Audi's.  Mr. J this one's for you!
*Very few buildings in Regenseburg were bombed during WWII, which means these are all mostly original buildings.

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  1. every picture is enchanting, so beautiful!! I feel like I'm on tour with you except my chocolate isn't quite as good!! I wonder how that city lucked out to not be bombed??