Friday, June 13, 2014

Fabulous Friday Is Back

Yes, I know I've skipped 2 weeks of Fabulous Friday, but the past 2 Friday's that I wrote were fabulous in and of themselves!
1.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sleep in my own bed Sunday after returning from Europe.  I've had a little jet lag this week, but seem to have pulled through it.
2.  Monday we got pedicures.  I love a good french pedicure!  We also met Tony for lunch before driving home to Idaho.
I just noticed that all three of us girls are wearing stripes...happens often.
3.  Tuesday we visited Grandma Jeanne in the hospital.  She had a 90% blockage of her Right Coronary Artery.  She went through a stint procedure, came home yesterday and is doing so much better.  I was shocked when I saw the picture of her RCA.
4.  Wednesday I had doctor appointments with both Dr. C. gyn oncologist and Dr. Dan my chemo doctor.  I'm happy to report that I'm still in remission and doing great!  CA-125 is 6!  Come November I can start having them drawn every 3 months instead of every 2, for 5 years.  I am ever grateful for the St. Lukes staff.  They were amazing and gave me such great care.  While at St. Lukes, we ran into the social worker who helped me with so many things, including getting 6 airplane tickets from Delta credited, which never happens.
5.  Mom and I both got new running shoes.  We went to the running shoe store where they fitted us and we tried on at least 20 pairs to get the right fit.  I love mine!  They are a little bright but will do the job!
6.  We met the kids for snowcones and took the kids to the park Wednesday evening.  You know me and my love for snowcones!
7.  I've unpacked, finished my laundry and am now slowly getting things packed up for Martha's Vineyard!  I'm so excited for this great opportunity!  I leave Monday morning at 7am!
8.  Today I had lunch with my girlfriends.  Girlfriends are the best.  I also had lunch this week with Alisha at our favorite Flatbread Pizza!
9.  I love skype.  I had the best Friday night date that I can have being away from Mr. J that I could...a 3 hour skype and phone date.  I sure miss that man.  3 weeks ago I wouldn't have thought this was going to be so hard, but I totally admit I'm a succor for Mr. J; his eyes, smile, lips and touch.  He is so funny! Today I text him that it was Friday the 13th and a full moon and that I'd like a Friday night date.  His reply, "I would love to babe however I already have plans tonight.  Sorry.  You see I am meeting up with gargamel, count chocula, wolverine, chuck norris, count von count (sesame street) and one of those guys from that Twilight movie later on so we can all howl at the moon."  I love that he makes me laugh!  I don't know how he comes up with these things but he does and he is quick too.  Come on July 24 so that I can see Mr. J and his little A's!


  1. I have the same running shoes as you and love them!

  2. I'm so happy your doing so well!! I saw your Mr J yesterday he and Patrick came over to fix something on our security system. He's so cute when he talks about you, I can tell he really misses you!! Sigh, young love is soooo romantic!!

  3. Oh, yea he was disappointed there was no bread cooking in the oven. I love that man! I'm pretty sure we miss each other equally.