Monday, June 2, 2014

Europe Day 5 Nuremburg

I admit our breakfast wasn't nearly as fabulous as in Prague, but I'm glad.  If I ate breakfast like that every morning, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to button my pants when I get home.  I did enjoy the fruit and bread though.  Jenny and I of course had to splint a chocolate croissant, which I'm going to have every day here in Europe.  I love them, so I'm going to enjoy them while I'm here.  Peter our tour guide has a hot Hungarian accent which I totally have a crush on.  He is awesome and has been so fun to talk to.
I totally could have slept in this morning, but we had to be ready by 8 to tour Nuremburg.  We visited the place where Hitler gave his speeches, saw some beautiful buildings and churches and visited a castle. Today we stood where several Nazi's rallied and listened to Hitler speak. We drove past a beautiful Jewish cemetery with more roses than I've ever seen in bloom.  There are several Aldie here which of course is a German supermarket and my favorite supermarket closest to my house in CLT.  We didn't have much time to shop, which was fine we just needed some gingerbread and an ATM which we found.
We came back for a refreshing lunch of salad and vegetables.  There has been a little card playing, book reading, blogging, afternoon tea and treats and enjoying our cruising down the river.
Tonight was super fun with Dance Bingo.  Who knew the we could have such fun amongst the Seniors!
Fun Facts:
*91% of the buildings in Nuremburg had damage from being bombed in World War II.
*Gingerbread is a popular treat in Nuremburg
*A monument is a place that is honorable.
*Hitler practiced his speeches in front of a mirror and took pictures of himself doing so.
*There are about 3000 Jews in Nuremburg today.
*My dad will dance when the prize involves German Candy.
*We have to go through 11 barges to get to our next stop which are up to 8 feet high.
*In Germany you can drive as fast as you want on the freeways, except for buses they can't go past a certain speed even if they put the pedal to the metal.

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