Saturday, May 31, 2014

Europe Day 3 Praha

Did you know that in Prague locals actually call it Praha?  Day 3 started with a delicious breakfast again!  We loved it again!  They eat a lot of bread, cheese and meat here.  Yum!
At 0800 we boarded a bus and drove 2 1/2 hours to Cesky Krumluv.  It was a beautiful drive, which reminded me of the greenery and rolling hills of Kentucky.  Our purple eyeshadow guide guided us through this very small, beautiful town, where a river winds through the middle of it.  We took a lot of pictures, especially of the castle, which was fun to tour around and to see it from all angles.  There are 3 bears that guard the castle, however we only got a quick glance of one of them.  
We had lunch in a tavern which use to be a jail.  They lit a candle for us so that we could have light while eating our lunch of pork chops (dad had trout), potatoes, potato cake, mushroom soup and a crepe for dessert.
We did some shopping for meteorite stones, other wise known as moldavite which is a stone that you can pretty much only get in Cesky.  They are an olive greenish stone, which is predicted to not be around in the next 10 years.  I wasn't going to buy one, but at the last minute I found a beautiful ring which I talked the lady down from $100 to $50.  I've become quite the bargainer, because I also bought an awesome garnet ring tonight which was originally $110 and I got if for $70.
Did I mention how gorgeous this town is?
Jenny and I shared (I think I ate most of it) a most delicious soft serve ice cream cone with the best chocolate and vanilla I've ever had.
On our ride back we were super tired and all took a bit of a rest before going out in Prague for a few more pictures, delicious thin crust pizza, garnet shopping and these awesome cinnamon cylinder thing called a Trdelnik (5 of us split 1; we do a lot of sharing of calories here).
By the end of the day our feet are super tired and so are our eyes.  The cobblestone streets are really hard on your feet, even with good shoes.

Funnies for the day:
*I paid 6 crowns to use the water closet.  I decided I'd take full advantage of it, until of course the light went off, which I figured meant my time was up.
*When out to dinner you have to ask for tap water around here and sometimes they don't even serve it.  However when I asked for tap water tonight at dinner the waitress wrinkled her nose, rolled her eyes and said of course.

Fun Facts:
*The Jewish center of town is closed from Sun Up to Sun Down Friday night to Saturday night.  We went down there tonight and every thing was closed and the roads were very quiet.
*When a statue of a horseman has only 2 feet on the ground it means he was assassinated, 1 foot up means he died in battle and all four on the ground means he died in bed; likely from an illness or injury.

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  1. I love those rings!! The town is beautiful!!! I love your facts and funny facts they made me laugh!! We take water in our resturants and bathrooms for free for granted!!