Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

I couldn't have asked for a better Memorial Day Weekend.  Every precious minute of it was spent with Mr. J.  Friday evening we had a date after work.  It was so much fun.  We went to reverse Happy Hour at a Sushi Bar.  I loved it; the sushi, the company and the bar that opened up out side.  It was a fun evening just me and Mr. J!

Saturday we got up early, I took back The Hampster...Kia Soul that I'd been renting for the past 4 months.  Not really sad to see him go; kind of a gay looking car, but fun to drive nonetheless.  Mr. J and I picked up the kids at 1130, ate lunch and then met my cousins at a super fun water park that only cost 2 bucks.  Since we were in Gilbert we had to get a snow cone from Kia Lani's.  So super delicious!  We fixed dinner, watched Cinderella and went to bed later than we should have!

Sunday Tanner joined us for church, we picked some grapefruit, posed on Aunt Leslies awesome bike, visited with Aunt Leslie, made a fruit pizza, enjoyed each others company and then Tanner went home and I said goodbye to the kids for 2 months.  Then it was just me and Mr. J...sigh!
Yesterday morning Mr. J and I went on a hike, I packed off and on throughout the day until Mr. J had to come in and assist me in my efforts so I could get it done before dawn, we had dinner with cousins and did some swimming. Have I ever mentioned how funny Mr. J is?  He makes me laugh several times a day.  You can tell just by looking at the pictures below...Mr. J and I spent a few alone hours before we attempted to go to sleep, meaning I don't think either one of use were able to turn our minds off.

Mr. J picked me up early this morning, took me to the airport so I could fly to SLC and we said goodbye for 2 months.  I'm sure going to miss that handsome man's touch, kisses, hugs and just being by my side all the time.

Today I met up with my friend Shelly McConkie since she is now living in SLC.  Man I love that girl.  So grateful we are friends!  We had a lovely chat while the kids ran in the sprinklers.

Tomorrow we leave for Europe for 12 days!  I can't wait!  Stay tuned for updates!


  1. What great pictures some beautiful, some funny ,some romantic!! Mr. J is really fun and funny. You are funny too Terah you make me laugh and I can't stop!! We miss you already. I am going to take my new purse to Idaho, I love it, thank you so much!! I got Gordon so bad tonight with that black dog. I put it in his bathroom and shut the door and turned off the light. I forgot about it and I heard Gordon screaming really loud,, then a loud dad gumit, I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop!! Have a wonderful time!! Thanks for the card and $ but we need to talk about the $ when you get back!!

  2. great pics, and I especially love the gator one with Mr. J jumping into the pool :). Also, I love that you two have each other. So fun to see you sitting in his lap... you go girl!
    Aghhh I miss that Shelley!
    Enjoy Europe for me!