Thursday, May 29, 2014

Europe Day 1

Our trip started out crazy, while on the way to the airport I got a call saying our flight was going to be delayed and we would miss our connecting flight from Detroit to Amsterdam.  So first things first we got reassigned on a different/earlier flight which actually took off 10 minutes later.  Thankfully we all got on just fine from SLC to Detroit.  We had a short lay over in Detroit before boarding a huge jet where we were all able to sit together.  We watched movies, listened to music, they fed us well, we got up several times to stretch, had maybe an hours rest and 7 1/2 hours later we got off in Amsterdam, where we again rushed through customs and barely got on our connecting flight. Thankfully we haven't had to sit in airports.

Today in Prague we were super tired, we all had a short nap before venturing out to the cobblestoned streets where we tasted some czech food and enjoyed some cool temperatures and a little drizzle.  We had a short meeting with our tour guides tonight before stopping at a bakery for macroons and other baked goods.  We are all hoping for a very good nights rest.  I feel like I've worked 2 night shifts in a row without any sleep.  I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings...we are 8 hours ahead of Idaho.  Seems so weird, especially when I just facetimed Mr. J as he was eating his breakfast.

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  1. So far things seem to be going your way!! I hope it continues and you have sooooo much fun!! Get some rest!!