Friday, May 16, 2014

Mr. J Meets My Family FF!

1.  Again it's been 2 weeks since FF.  It boggles my mind how quickly the weeks have flown by since I've been in Phoenix.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a handsome man with blue eyes, a killer smile, an awesome sense of humor and the fact that he sends me morning texts that say, "Good Morning Pretty Girl."  Yes I know I put this picture on a few posts ago, but I love it!
2.  2 weeks ago I cooked Sunday dinner at Mr. J's where we had Leslie and Gordon and my brother Tanner and his friend Spencer over.  Tanner and Spencer are in Phoenix for the Summer selling pest control.  We had a yummy lemon pound cake for dessert which I got the recipe off of the sisters cafe website; of course I added vanilla and lemon zest to the recipe, because my momma taught me to put vanilla in everything.  It was suppose to be in a loaf pan, but I put it in a bundt pan.  After dinner we took Spencer and Tanner to see the construction of the Phoenix Temple.  It is so pretty.
3.  I have been working days, which I'm enjoying because I get to spend a little extra time with Mr. J.  It also gets me up early so that I can jog outside before it gets too hot, however I'm thinking today might have been the last one because it was super hot this morning.
4.  Last Thursday Mr. J and I probably only slept a few hours before we got up early Friday to catch the earliest flight out with Tanner to go home for the weekend.  I loved traveling with Mr. J; he carried my girly bag for me without even flinching because he is a total gentleman!  I can't begin to tell you what a great weekend we had at home with my family.  It was so good be able to to take someone home with me who I'm head over heels for.  Mr. J seemed to adjust naturally to all the craziness of our home.  We of course had to start out having lunch with my siblings, Alisha and baby Calvin at Flatbread Pizza; I love their vegi pizza and Italian salad.
Next was a Costco run of course, where I ran into my childhood friend Amy and then home for a short nap.  The kids came over and we finally got an updated family photo taken by Mr. J.  I loved the colors we chose and think they turned out super cute!  I loved my new Ralph Lauren yellow dress that I got last week, which worked out perfect for pictures!
5.  Saturday morning the girls went to Tami's Tea Cottage for brunch and surprise birthday party for my Auntie Thalia.  It was fun to celebrate her and her greatness and to spend time with the girls.  Meanwhile, Mr. J had breakfast with the boys at Golden Coral; nasty.
6.  We relaxed a bit Saturday afternoon and also made Gumbo!  My friends came over Saturday night which was so much fun.  I loved being able to sit and chat with them all, most of whom haven't seen me since I was bald.  The boys left around 9 to the racetrack.  Kaycee stayed until nearly midnight.  I love the times that we get to sit and chat for hours.
7.  Sunday was such a great day!  We had wonderful talks in church, a little picture taking, a yummy dinner and spent time with family and friends.
8.  Monday morning Mr. J and I went to the hand surgeons because I have a trigger finger in my right 5th finger.  So annoying.  It was great being able to meet Dr. Watkins, because I consulted with him often when I lived in Boise.  He was so awesome, gave me a cortisone shot that didn't even hurt, gave me wrist splints that we are hoping will help with my awful neuropathy and didn't even charge me.  Who does that these days?  We met Tenielle, Tristen and mom at Dad's work where we had a picnic and then said goodbye.
9.  Before heading to the airport mom and I took Mr. J to the train depot, because it's probably my most favorite place in Boise.  The view is beautiful and the smell of iris's were in the air!  Kaycee met us there to give me some books to read so that I can start my Summer Reading program!
10.  This week I went to both a Vegetarian and Peruvian restaurant.  They were both good, but the black bean and sweet potato burrito and lemon quinoa salad that I had at the vegetarian restaurant was super delicious.

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  1. Love all the pictures!! The one of you and Jason is really cute!! What a fun and memorable week end!!! That restaurant really sounds good, we ought to go with Deborah and Laura sometime, I could never get Gordon to go to a veggie restaurant and especially if it has quinoa!! Love AL