Friday, May 2, 2014

It's May FF

1.  Happy May!  I love May.  It's such a happy month.  Tulips and Daffodils are in bloom every where except Phoenix that is, unless you just buy them at Trader Joes; however I've seen here in Phoenix a lot of my favorite lantana's that I use to grow in CLT around my mailbox, which make me happy, flip flops and shorts; but of course we wear those year round here in Phoenix too and the close of another school year for those who have kids in school.  I love this time of year where we look for bright colored clothes as we shop to bring the brightness of the season to our wardrobe!
2.  It's funny that last weekend it was actually cool and windy like in the 60's and this week it is 100.  I love it all though.  We had such fun with the wind last Saturday as we flew kites.  I felt like a kid, thinking of the times my dad would buy us a kite and we would fly it usually during the months of March and April.  I have this crazy memory of somehow someway our kite always ended up in the power lines in front of our house and would remain there for months.  Saturday we stayed far away from the power lines, Mr. J lives by this great park where we had lots of room to fly kites and the dogs had lots of room to run, well they were limited a little by their leashes.  I hate to admit it, but I think I'm becoming a little attached to these cute dogs, maybe because they are just part of the family.
3.  Saturday was Pizza Night at "our" house!  We had fun making them from Trader Joe's herb dough, Deborah's homemade pizza sauce and our favorite toppings.  I loved the gourmet pizza that I made, it made me think of my friend Shelley McConkie and her gourmet pizza's.
We had left over ham from  Easter so I used that, mango, pineapple, mushrooms, goat cheese and red peppers.  It was delicious!
4.  It's hard for me to believe that it's popsicle and watermelon season.  I love watermelon with salt, brings out the flavor so well!  It was funny Sunday when Mr. J said to me, "How is it that I have 7 boxes of popsicles in my freezer?"  Little girl A and I went to Albertsons Saturday night before bedtime and stocked up on popsicles because they were only 75 cents a box, and of course they are our favorite kind, I mean who doesn't love the rocket pops and fudgesicles?
5.  You wouldn't believe it if you saw how many shoes I have, but I have a hard time finding shoes that fit my 5 1/2 feet.  This week I stopped at Nordstom Rack on my way home from work and found 2 pairs!  I was looking for some brown sandals because my favorite Steve Madden ones broke a few months ago.  I also found a pair of Keens in the kids section.  My traveling partner Jenny always wears them when she travels and says they are so comfortable, so of course I've been looking for a pair for a while and had to get them for my Europe Trips which is in 3 1/2 weeks.  I can't wait!
6.  I worked 4 10's this week; day shifts.  It has been a year and a half since I've done that.  I must admit I was a little bit of a wimp, but it sure was nice to have my evenings off and my entire Wednesday off!.  I loved being able to go with Mr. J to pick up his little A's from school, to have dinner with them and spend a little extra time with them.  We started reading the kids edition of the Book Of Mormon this week.  I have loved it and the opportunity to share my testimony with them and teach them a little about the gospel in the evenings before bed.
7.  Wednesday Mr. J and I spent the entire day together.  I loved it!  We went on a fun hike where I wore my new favorite shirt that says, "We don't know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice!"
8.  This week I talked to my friend from Jr. High Sarah Houston who I usually only talk to in April around her birthday.  It is always so fun to catch up with her!
9.  Tonight we had dinner at a yummy Thia restaurant and then spent some time looking at the stars.  A few nights ago I saw the most awesome falling star as I was saying goodnight to Mr. J.  I've always been a fan of stars.  I love how beautiful the night sky is here in Phoenix.


  1. I love how you appreciate everything in nature!! You even find great things about Phoenix!! As Gordon and your uncle Read would say "it doesn't get any better than this"

  2. LOL 7 boxes of popsicles- NICE!