Friday, May 30, 2014

Europe Day 2 Prague

This morning in Prague or Praha as the natives call it we enjoyed the most amazing gourmet breakfast buffet I have ever experienced.  My traditional European breakfast included the most tasteful cheeses, the fruit was top notch, the prosciutto was define, the nutella on top of my chocolate croissant topped also with a little cinnamon and sugar was out of this world.  The sour cherry juice was a great way to wash it all down.  Do you get what I'm saying, by far the best breakfast ever, except of course when my dad cooks breakfast...We really can't wait to wake up to it again tomorrow!

First off we met our tour guide with purple eye shadow and a lovely European accent.  30 of us boarded a bus where we had us a little tour of the city.  It took us to the Presidential Palace and St. Vitas Cathedral; by far the most beautiful cathedral  I've ever seen in my entire life.  Our tour guide showed us all of the best photo ops including one that overlooked the entire city.
I thought it was cool when I saw a door that was just my size on our way back to the bus, which took us to the Jewish Quarter where we saw a Jewish Synagogue and 12 story cemetery.  We then walked to old town square, where we saw the Oldest Working Astronomical Clock; on the hour the 12 apostles do a dance on the top and a skeleton rings the bell.
From here Jenny and I separated from the others because they toured Terrizen, while we went garnet shopping, enjoyed a cream puff like dessert on a roof top terrace overlooking the city, had beef goulash in a bread bowel and cabbage soup.  We also quite enjoyed a free concert in St. Nicholas Cathedral put on my a college choir from non other than Valley City North Dakota.  The acoustics and their voices were incredible.  Who would have thought a choir from ND could sound so amazing.

Funnies of the day...
*There are a lot odd Museums which we passed by including the torture museum and the sex machine museum.
*We entered a restaurant to have dinner but was told it was full even though there were empty tables.  Apparently we were under-dressed or too American looking.  We had a good laugh though.
*Peter our other tour guide asked me if I had an obsession with doors, because he noticed I took a lot of pictures of them.  I told him about the doors in Savannah, GA.
*We ordered a meal, but didn't have cash and they didn't accept credit cards, so we had no other choice but to get up and leave; and we actually told them to cancel our order before they brought it to us.
*You have to pay to use the water closet or enter the code on the bottom of your receipt.
* They don't bring you water when you eat, if you want water you have to pay $4 for it, so you might as well buy something with calories.
*Tenielle found this funny statue; they are all around the city.

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  1. I have to say your blog is soooo interesting!! Sex machine??? What??? That Cathedral window is so beautifll!!!!! The breakfasts would do me in for the whole day I would eat way to much!!! Okay, that statue Tenielle is sitting by is just weird!!!!