Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garage Make-Over

Mom and Dad are staying a bit longer than the others so of course they weren't getting away without helping me organize my garage. Remember back to my New Years Goals? I have now accomplished 1. I have worked the last 2 nights and came home to sleep for an hour before handsome man called. Oh, how lovely that was, even if I sounded like I was still sleeping, which I was. I couldn't go back to sleep and I knew mom and dad were getting started on the project so I got up to help, considering of course that it was my garage.
See the school supplies that I bought to donate for the start of last years school year?
Yes, I have my year or at least 6 months of toilet paper. You never want to run out of the good stuff.

Dad had already taken some of the junk out of the garage before I got I made him stop so I could take a picture of the before and after!
We worked a few hours, threw lots away, and with 6 hands doing the work it got done rather quickly. And the finished results...A new paint job would make it look better.
Don't you just love every thing hanging? I sure do!
That's my pot that still needs flowers in it. It'll happen eventually.
I think I could now park 2 cars in here. Maybe it's time to buy a new one.
I love baskets that organize my "things." And yes, that is the globe that my sister sent to me when I moved to CLT that I bought at a yard sale in Utah. Didn't ask for it, but she wanted to get it out of her house. I'm sure the movers charged me at least $50 to move it. I can't seem to toss it though. Mom put it in the basket. Not quite sure why.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Middlebrooks pool relaxing, book in hand, strawberry daiquiries, and lots of chatter. I think my parents actually quite enjoyed the way us southerners relax. Tonight mom made me a meat loaf. I have been requesting this for at least a year and I finally got it. It was so yummy. I have left overs and will use it this weekend when I get to work nights.

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