Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lauren's Visit

My friend Lauren came out for a visit for 10 days.  Oh, what fun we had.  It was nice to have mom and dad here for most of her visit.  We did a lot of work on the craft room.  Lauren is super talented, it helps that she is tall and knows how to work a drill!  I'm pretty sure there aren't many women who will leave their 4 young boys and husband to fly across the country to help their friend organize a very messy craft room.  Lauren spent 10 days away from her family responsibilities to spend time with me.  This is a true friend indeed.  I'm so grateful for mom, dad and Lauren for all that they have done in my home.  I really love the new additions.  They make me want to be home more. 

One day we spent watching a Spring Training game, Giants vs. Dodgers.
It was a perfect day at the ball field and super fun. 

We did plenty of shopping, watched some sunsets, ate lots of good food at restaurants I've never visited, had us a spa day and drank lots of homemade lemonade.  All in all it was a fantastic time, even though the days always ended quicker than when I'm home alone. 

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