Monday, February 1, 2016

A Visit To Spokane

Sunday evening after cancer camp, I flew to my sister Tristens to spend the week with her and my nieces while her husband was out of town for work.
Monday the girls woke me up by getting in bed with me, bad breath and all!  We went to the gym, took the girls to school, took the girls to dance, which was super cute and relaxed.  The girls played beauty shop a lot this week with my hair and gave me plenty of foot massages, which I enjoyed immensely.
Tuesday we went to Coeur D Alene, had lunch, did some shopping and then I let the girls pick out their favorite candy at Winco for our movie night.
Wednesday while Bridget was at school, Aidree, Tristen and I tried an Indian resturant.  It was pretty good, but I've had better.  Aidree wasn't so sure about Indian Food.  When we had a break from the rain we took the girls on a pretty long walk, which helped me get my 10,000 steps in.  And then it started raining again.
Thursday we went to a General Conference study group where we talked mostly about faith.  It rained all day.  Bridget wanted to wear her cat ears to study group.  She is a doll!
 We walked around the track while the girls did gymnastics.  That night we went to happy hour and got cupcakes for $1 a piece, not the most delicious, but pretty good nonetheless. 

Friday we went to the gym and to downtown Spokane where we had lunch at this great soup shop, which was perfect because it was cold and raining.  We also did a little shopping.  When Mitch came home we went to CDA for ice cream.

Saturday we had breakfast, went out for hot chocolate and Italian soda's and then I flew back to Phoenix.  I have the cutest nieces ever.  They say and do the funniest things.  I had such a relaxing, fun week with these girls, we will have to do it again soon.
 PS.  Every Monday Becky sends us a picture of Graham.  I love Monday's and I love Graham.  He is getting so big.  Here he is today at 9 weeks old.  I think he looks like Tenielle's baby pictures in this picture.

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  1. You put so much in every day!! Sounds and looks so fun being with Tristen and her girls!! All the pictures are daring!!