Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Mania Recap

Wednesday morning Cathy and I flew to San Francisco.  I've never been there but really enjoyed the few days were there.  The weather was perfect.  I always thought it rained there all the time, but we didn't have any rain.  We took the subway to downtown where out hostel was, which was a few blocks from the Pre-Super Bowl events.  We couldn't have asked for a better location.  I got the hostel on airbnb.  The room was small, but clean.  The bathroom was tiny.  If we were both trying to get ready at the same time half of my body was in the bathroom and the rest was in the hallway, while half of her body was in the tub.  We thought it was pretty funny.  The crazy thing was we actually had to purchase soap because there wasn't any and there weren't any wash clothes.  Lucky we had towels.

We dumped off our luggage and then went to be tourists.  But first we had lunch with one of Cathy's friends, who has now become one of my friends.  He is a sports radio talk show host from Austin.  After lunch, we took the trolley, which is so cool, to Fisherman's Wharf.  While on the trolley we met a very nice lady named Karen who quickly became our new best friend.  We even toured with her.  Her husband was there working and she was visiting for a few days.  We also toured China Town and walked up one of the steepest hills ever.  My hamstrings definitely felt the hill.
We went back to our hostel, changed and then met up with some of Cathy's friends from when she lived in Texas.  We went to a Latin restaurant called La Fusion.  Our dinner was delicious.  I had chicken and the best mac and cheese ever.  For appetizers we had the most delicious Ceviche, which was out of this world delicious if you like fish.  These friends of Cathy's are sports radio hosts and they are the ones we hung out with while we were there.  After dinner we went out with a few guys for drinks next door to our hostel.  I had the best fresh squeezed lemonade!  We walked over 17,000 steps this day and our feet let us know it the end of the day too.
Thursday we got up rather early.  We walked the few blocks to the event center and stood in line to get our day media passes, which gave us access to Radio Row, which is why we were there.  Radio Row is this huge event center filled with several different radio and TV stations throughout the country.  Basically they interview current and past sports players, mostly football players, but some basketball and wrestling.  There were also some actors there promoting their latest movies.
I must say I was in Heaven meeting these awesome guys and getting photos with them. I waited all day for Steve Young's interview.  I'm pretty sure the reason I love football so much is because my Grandma Young watched Steve Young from the time he was at BYU until he retired from the 49ers.  I'd dare say she was watching down from Heaven as I enjoyed my short time with him.

It was super fun to meet the darling actor Liam Hemsworth. He was so nice as were all the other guys I got pictures with!

Thursday night we attended a NFL Legends dinner and program.   And because we were tired, retired to our room early.

Friday we did pretty much the same thing as we did on Thursday.  We had such fun meeting so many people on Radio Row.

Friday night we had dinner and then hit Super Bowel City which was super fun!

Saturday morning we headed to the airport just as everyone was heading to the city.  San Francisco is a beautiful city with some awesome architecture.  This was such a fun trip, quick but oh, so worth it.  It would have been fun to stay for the game, but my feet were ready for a foot massage and pedicure, which I immediately had done when I returned to Phoenix.

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