Friday, August 26, 2016

Seattle Girls Trip

2 weeks ago I flew to Seattle where HM picked me up.  I swear I changed that plane ticket 3 different times.  Thank goodness for SWA.  HM didn't have the kids (he has 2 darling kids a boy who is 6 and a girl who is 5) that weekend, so 2 weeks before my flight he hinted for me to change it again and come on Saturday instead of Sunday which of course I did.  He made us the most delicious dinner on his grill. I was super impressed with his grilling skills! We also watched some olympics, which I totally have loved watching and am sad they are over.

Sunday we attended his church and mine.  It was fun to attend church with him.  I spent Sunday evening and most of the day on Monday with Aubrey and her awesome kids.  We even got the opportunity to do a little service together.
Monday evening HM had dinner with us at Aubrey's and we had Family Home Evening together.  I spent Monday evening and Tuesday morning with HM.  It was a lot of back and forth, but fun nonetheless.  Time always goes by way to fast when we are together.  I enjoy every moment with him.

I spent Tuesday evening through Thursday morning with Aubrey and her family.  However HM did come for lunch on Wednesday.  Aubrey and I went on a lot of walks and I showed her kids my weight lifting routine in their basement.  It is so nice to walk in Seattle where it is much cooler than Phoenix.  I've been missing my daily walks in Phoenix.  Fall in Phoenix can't come fast enough.
 Aubrey can make me do silly things.  We like to laugh and we do it often!
Thursday morning Alisha and Tenielle flew in for our girls weekend at the beach.  We were celebrating our big birthdays!  My Aunt Marlene and Uncle Tim (Grandma Betty's daughter) have a beach house in Hansville, WA.  It is right on the beach and so relaxing.  Our cousin Jennifer who lives in Lacey also met up with us.  We spent a few hours at Pikes Place, saw the nasty gum wall and then attended a Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand concert in the Park.  I've followed this band for 20 years and love them.  They always put on a great show.  It was even more fun because HM and his kids met up with us.  The view of the sunset was gorgeous and the music was awesome, except for a few of the songs that I don't especially love.  We then drove to Hansvile and got in pretty late, but we still sat up and chatted for a while.
Friday morning Tim made us a Danish breakfast that was delicious and we had fresh picked blackberries and fruit.  We enjoyed combing the beach in our awesome beach hats.  I've never seen so many sand dollars in my life. 
Just as Jennifer was leaving, Aubrey arrived.  We spent a very relaxing day at the house before doing a little shopping and having dinner in Port Gamble.  That evening was super fun as we sat out on the patio talking and laughing as I was wrapped up in my blanket, since I couldn't get warm enough.  

Saturday we were super lazy and slow to get ourselves going, but that's what girls weekends are all about!  We finally got ourselves out the door by noon and down to the cute town of Poulsbo  otherwise known as "little Norway" where we did some shopping and had lunch.  On our way back to the beach house we stopped off at the store so that I could buy stuff for dinner.  The beach to me means Emily's Lemon Chicken.  I haven't made it since I was in MVY last summer.  It is to die for and didn't disappoint.
Sunday Marleene made us breakfast and then we attended church.  We met up with HM and the kids for a quick dinner before we all had to fly home (actually I flew to Boise and Tenielle got to fly to Spokane to see the new baby).  It was a fantastic week.  The weather was out of this world amazing, the food was delicious and the company was most enjoyable.  We will definitely be planning another trip to the beach house in the near future.  It is simply wonderful to be there and the best place to go to relax and forget about your worries.

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  1. Terah living life and loving it as always!! You know Terah you look so beautiful you literally glow!!!!!!