Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye 2009, HELLO 2010!

2009 was a wonderful year full of memories, challenges, and fun...Memorable vacations which allowed me to strengthen family relationships, a sweet precious niece so fresh from Heaven, a calling that has helped me grow to love the sisters in my ward, the ending of a wonderful company after 26 years, the development of friendships obtainable because of having time to develop and strengthening them, a Handsome Southern Man who has brought me so much joy in such a short time, and many more invaluable opportunities for growth.

Is it really true that someone can come into your life and change you? Maybe it isn't so much as a change but more of bringing out in me things that have been stored away for way too long. This really has happened to me. Before I left for Christmas I told Nickalaus that my family was going to see this and they immediately did. It isn't that I haven't been happy, because I have, but my sister said, "It is a different kind of happy." A different happy indeed. My Aunt Cindy has always said, "it" comes along when you least expect it. Well, she was right on this one. It came along when I was busy with my calling, getting ready to take my boards, and merging with a new company. But he is so worth it. In the very beginning he said to me, "You deserve it, you are worth it, just enjoy it." Who says that? Someone one definitely worth the wait...

I am so excited for 2010 to see what amazing things this year will bring. Wonder, surprise, more growth, and even more happiness? I'll keep you updated.

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  1. I agree with your sister - it's a different kind of happy. I'm thrilled for you, Terah!Here's to your Handsome Southern Man! =)