Monday, January 25, 2010

To My Friend Jenny N

For the rest of my life, January 25 will always be a day that I remember my childhood friend Jenny N. We met in kindergarten. She was in Mrs. McDonalds class with Tyler and I was in Mrs. Shae's class. We went to school out at the old Greenhurst school. We were in most of the same classes through elementary, junior high, and high school. We even took an aerobic instructors class together in college. I never remember Jenny every saying anything unkind or negative except our senior year when she didn't play basketball, because she said it was too time consuming. I miss her curls, her cheeks when she smiled, and the twinkle in her left eye. The day of her funeral was cold and cloudy. I remember commenting on this to my mom, that funerals were always cold and cloudy. She said, but the sunshine always seems to come out at some point. So on my way back to SLC, I remember crying my eyes out and as we driving through Twinfalls, sun rays beamed out through the clouds. I remember thinking, that is Jenny saying, I'm fine, don't worry about me. So anytime I see that, I think of her. I remember when we were in Hawaii the sun rays beamed through the clouds and I thought of her. Every time I go home, I hope to run into her mom, which more than often I do. I am so sad for her, but hope that she knows that Jenny hasn't been forgotten, nor will she ever. So this is to you my dear friend Jenny and to all of the fantastic memories that I will always cherish.

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