Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Time...I know I have written about this before but it's time to write about it again. This time though it is about making time for the important things in our life. We waste so much time doing things that ultimately don't matter. I think I pretty much have wasted today doing things that really didn't need to be done and the only thing I did for myself was go to the gym and study my scriptures. Sometimes you do and do and do for people and you wonder if it means anything to them. And so then I think to myself, maybe it is just better being selfish and worrying about my needs, but then is that Christ like? So in my venting session here I am wondering if I need to refocus on what is really important and work on those things that are beneficial and quit spending my oh so precious time on things that I thought mattered. But I guess then, it is up to me to determine what is really worth spending my time on and I guess you could say spending my time with too...

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