Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

No, I am not a fan of the Super Bowl of even NFL. But because of it being SBS yesterday, it was a great day. You see, I skipped my 1pm church and went to Nick's 9:30am ward. Oh, how I miss early church. I don't think one ever gets use to 1pm church. Only 11 more months of it. And it was so nice to sit by my man in church. Usually I am on the stand (as the organist) watching all of the families wrestle with their children. I was quite impressed with their ward and the youth who bore such strong testimony. I was even more impressed that by 1:15pm, the bishop and everyone else had left the building for the day. That doesn't happen for my dear father. He is usually at the church for hours after church is over.

After church, Nick and I went to his home and he started cooking for the day's event. I helped of course with the bean dip that was way delicious. And of course, I baked my Chocolate Chip Cookies that Nick can't get enough of and won't admit that they are the best thing he has ever tasted, although because of his frequent request of them I know that he thinks they are the best thing ever. I mean, who doesn't love a Young CCC? It was then time for my afternoon nap, which I don't think I really slept much, while Nick worked a puzzle and we watched two episodes of my favorite Music and the Spoken Word.

Then the event began, but first we had to get there. What I mean is trek through 4 feet of water...Yes, we parked at the top of the hill, then a Dodge Truck picked us up and we drove through seriously 4 feet of water for at least a mile, or so it seemed. I really thought we were going to drown or at least get wet. It was like they show on TV where people have to be rescued from driving through deep water. Yea, well out here in the south, they ignore the rules, obviously, because we never have that much rain in the west or I'm sure we would do it too. Of course I could care less about the game and the commercials, but the company and the food were pretty great. I'm sure glad I went to the gym Saturday, because I am sure I ate enough calories for a week.

The best thing about the day was that I was able to spend the entire day with Nick. That doesn't happen too often. But I'll take it when I can get it!


  1. I'm glad you had a fun Sunday Terah! The good thing about being 13-14 hours ahead of EST is that everything is on the day after for us. So it was SuperBowl Monday here. ;) Miss ya!

  2. I like your commentary on how much Nick loves your chocolate chip cookies. =) Missed you Sunday!