Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Trip to Montana

Thursday after working 13 of 16 days I got on a plane MT bound! It was after midnight when I got there and I was so tired, but of course couldn't sleep very well. Handsome MT man called bright and early Friday morning asking when he got to see me, since I had gotten a rental car and I got in late I had driven myself to the hotel. He came over to my hotel for only about 30 minutes before I had to leave for my interview. Oh, my it was so good to see him. I drove the very short 1 hour drive from Missoula to Deer Lodge; it's 80 miles from Missoula but given the fact that the speed limit is 75, it makes for a quick drive. The drive was so beautiful, I was amazed at how it went from huge mountains to a valley with rolling hills so quickly. It really looks similar to Boise. It reminded me how much I miss the mountains. First off I met the ceo and one of the financial guys at the new hospital, which is still under construction. It was suppose to be finished the end of July but has been pushed back a bit. It is an incredible building and is going to so beautiful when it's finished. I'd be so lucky to work there. After our tour, where by the way they made me put on a hard hat first off, we had lunch with one of the DR.'s. It was delicious and one of my favorite meals, chinese chicken salad. They have hired a chef form California who truly has some amazing cooking skills. After lunch I met with several of the department heads, then some of the members from the board of directors all of whom were super nice, especially the town mortician. I then met with a relator. By this time I had a killer headache from lack of sleep and was super tired. It was rather boring to say the least. I then went to the CEO's house, 1 block from the hospital where I met his wife, who then took me to play group to meet 4 other women from the ward. I don't think I mentioned it but the CEO is a member of the church which is kind of cool, but weird also given the fact that I currently only work with 1 other person who is a member of the church. The women were all very nice and I know we would become fast friends. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner at one of the board of directors homes with some of the people from the hospital as well as a couple from the ward who serve as the YM and YW presidents. They were very fun and energetic too. Dinner was amazing again as was the lemonade. I think I am still craving it. By 8:30pm I was super tired and made my way back to my hotel. Totally lame, but I was in bed by 10 and out by 10:01. It was a pretty great day. The weather was beautiful and the people that I met were so nice and very genuine.
Saturday morning handsome MT man rang bright and early. He was out to the supermarket and was wondering when he could see me again. I met him an hour later for breakfast. Handsome MT man is totally into photography which is awesome, because so am I. So we each grabbed one of his gigantic cameras and then drove about an hour from Missoula to I think a state park. There we saw antelope, deer, and buffalo.

At one point we took us a little hike where he picked me a bouquet of wild flowers. Totally awesome. I don't think I have ever experienced that before. It was so cute seeing him pick flowers.

He wanted me to pose and I just couldn't do it for him, felt totally stupid. We are going to have to do something with the hair if I move out there. It's way to big out west with no humidity. That evening we watched a show and then had us a good long chat.
Sunday was church, it was nice but I didn't think the people were all that friendly, of course this was in Missoula and not in DL. Handsome MT man made dinner and then we watched The Work and the Glory, one of my favorite's. That evening we drove about 10 minutes from his house to go on a hike. On our way there we saw lots of deer, even baby ones. They were so cute. We went on a great hike which was so beautiful, we even saw 2 deer run in front of us. The weather was fantastic too. My favorite part of the hike was when handsome MT man showed me his impression of a tree. Totally funny. He did it so fast that I was unable to capture the moment on my camera. My mom has always told me to find a man who makes me laugh. He does just that. Monday morning I dropped by handsome MT man's office before heading to the airport. All in all it was a rather enjoyable weekend. My time in MT went by rather quickly. I have many decisions to make, which are not going to be easy. There will be lots of prayer and pondering involved for sure. I had a short layover in Minnesota, so I checked my email. There was an email from the CEO with an official job offer, just as I was reading it handsome MT man called. He isn't very helpful when I ask him what he thinks I should do. He just keeps telling me that I have to make the decision on my own; ugh, come on help me out a little. In the coming week I hope to have a decision. It is an amazing opportunity and I am sure would be a great adventure.


  1. So will he always be handsome MT man, or will he one day have a real name? =)

  2. I'll give him a real name one of these days. Until then, yep I'm sticking with handsome MT man.