Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cousin's Visit MVY

I was suppose to have chemo on Thursday, but given the lab called while the PA was in my room with "a  critical" which was mine being my WBC was 1.4 and my Neutrophils were 0.5, I was not allowed to have chemo.  I admit I was actually kind of happy about it.  If I would have had chemo I would have had a completely different weekend.  Dr. P called me on Thursday night and told me to stop working, that I couldn't afford to be around sick people.  Tomorrow I will be seen in Boise and hopefully my counts will be high enough that I can have the second treatment of the third round. 

So instead of being miserable over this past weekend, I made every moment count.  Thursday afternoon I spent with my friend Melanie out at her pool chatting and having lunch which included her lime/cucumber/mint drink which is my favorite.

Thursday night Alisha and her husband came to MVY.  I took them immediately to half price sushi, which I actually haven't had since last summer.  It was yummy, especially the mango and avocado roll.  I also had to show them what Backdoor Donuts is all about, even though I'm not really a donut fan.
I've been wanting to go to Nantucket since last summer, but never have gotten there.  Tenielle and mom went when they were here, but I was working.  Some friends from church took us to Nantucket on Friday morning.  It was the most beautiful day for a boat ride.  While we shopped and toured the town, Jason fished with our friend Bruno.
Saturday morning my cousin Kyrie who lives in NYC and her boyfriend Justin flew to MVY to join us.  We did a little shopping in town and then headed for the beach.  It was a perfect beach day and I loved finding shells and swimming in the ocean.
I took them for lobster rolls at Off Shore Ale for dinner.  For some reason I've lost my taste for lobster; darn chemo.  Jason and Justin enjoyed their first lobster rolls.  While my cousins were visiting I introduced them to the best ice cream on the island.  We shared a cone twice!
Sunday I had to say goodbye to my church ladies.  I will miss this little branch and the few cute kids we have in it.
I did a little visiting with people in the ER and Melanie, packed things up and then took my visitors on a little tour of Aquinna Cliffs.  We hiked down to the beach, which I have never done.  The waves were huge and the views were gorgeous.
Yesterday before we headed to Boston I got up early to watch the sunrise.  It was a bit cloudy, but so peaceful.
We left at noon to go to Boston.  Of course I couldn't leave here without going to a Red Sox game.  They played the Yankee's which meant the stands were full.  It was so much fun.  There were 2 home runs by Boston and they won.
Today we did a little touring of Boston before we came to the airport.
I'm so ready to be home.  It's been a fantastic summer, but I'm ready to be home.  I'm flying to Boise to have hopefully have chemo tomorrow.  We will go to SLC for the weekend and then Monday mom and I are flying to Phoenix.  Home can't some soon enough.


  1. So many wonderful memories with your cousins!! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! We're excited to see you!!

  2. Thank you for such a fabulous trip and for recording our fun so accurately! Love you!

  3. What great times with cousins! Glad you are home and hope you are feeling better. Prayers still pouring out for you Terah! We love you! Bummed I missed you while in AZ.