Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'll Miss You MVY

I'm kind of missing my home this week.  It has been an incredible Summer in MVY even with the recurrence of Ovarian Cancer, but there is something said about being home.  I miss my beautiful, comfy bed.  I miss my cozy little recliner.  I miss my vitamix (even though my mom brought me a mini blender that works great for my spinach shakes).  I miss lifting weights and swimming at my gym.  I really miss my spin class.  I miss my Bosh and making homemade bread (and I miss Aunt Leslie's Bread).  I miss my normal meals like quinoa bowls.  I miss my favorite supermarket Sprouts and their super cheap delicious produce.  I miss my visits with my aunt and uncle, cousins and their children, especially at Sunday dinner.  I miss hiking with my girlfriend's.  I miss checking my little mailbox, even though I usually only get junk mail.  I miss having more than a suitcase of clothes to select from.  I miss my cute primary children.  I miss my kitchen with all of my cooking supplies and I'm sure there are many other things that I miss.

However when I leave MVY in less than a week, I will wish I was back here on this little island.

I'm going to miss living on the beach with my gorgeous view and the only bright, little yellow building on the island that I love, but don't even know what it is.
I will miss driving 1 mile to work.

I will miss walking to the super market.  I'm really going to miss my visits with my dear friend Melanie, our lunch time chats, her delicious cooking and her sweet friendship.
I'm going to miss my awesome nurses and providers that I've had the privilege of working with for 2 Summers in a row.
I'll miss the tree's, gorgeous landscapes, sand in my toes, crazy rain storms and humidity.
I'm going to miss the many kind people that come from all over the country and different parts of the world and hearing their stories of their lives away from vacation.  I'll definitely miss the trauma and the amazing team of professional's that I have worked with in ER.
Oh, yes and did I mention the bulls eye rashes from lime disease?  We see at least 50 tick bites a day.

I'm really going to miss the cute little boats, million dollar yachts and the beautiful sailboats which I can never get enough of, which makes me want to redecorate my guest room in a nautical theme.
I'm going to miss the gorgeous view of the ocean all around me.  I'll especially miss the absolutely beautiful sunsets and sunrises that allow for great reflections on the water and which have given me a sense of peace when I feel I can't handle another round of chemo.
This was tonight's sunset.  First time there wasn't a yacht parked there.
But most of all I'm going to miss being on vacation (even though I'm working I'm still on vacation) in a place where everyone else is also on vacation.  There's just something about this island that is so relaxing that if you haven't been here you will never understand, even though I've tried to paint you a picture of it all.  How I wish I could wrap all of the goodness of the island up and give it to each of you to experience the greatness that abounds here, ah that would be so fantastic, but I can't so you must just put it on your bucket list and come experience it for yourself!


  1. It is on my bucket list!! More gorgeous pictures!! So glad there's lots you miss in Phoenix ,because we miss you!!

  2. And I will miss your gorgeous MVY pictures! But I sure hear you about home. There's no place like it.