Friday, August 7, 2015

Fabulous Friday MVY In Pictures

Martha's Vineyard has to be experienced to see the true beauty, but for those of you who can't come visit here are a few things I love about the island.
1.  Last night when stepped out the door to go to the supermarket, this is what I saw.  I of course had to capture the gorgeous sunset that Heavenly Father gave me.  I'm sure He gave it to me to let me know that He loves me.
2.  The flowers here are absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday when I walked pass these white flowers at the hospital, I was grateful for my sense of smell and their lovely scent. 
3.  I love walking on the beach.  There are always tons and tons of beautiful shells. 
4.  I love that I live right on the beach, mostly because of the sailboats and the yachts in our harbor.  I love living right next to the ferry because of the horn the ferry blows when they leave the harbor.
 I think my favorite building on MVY is this little yellow one.
5.  The houses and their yards can't be beat here.
Happy Friday to you!  I'm waiting for mom, dad and Tenielle to arrive on the ferry in only 2 hours. Tony will arrive sometime on Monday.  Hoping for minimal side effects from the chemo so that I can enjoy time with them.  They will be here until August 19. 


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family, Terah!

  2. Terah your seriously making me want to live there!! It is so gorgeous and I love the houses!!!!!!!!!!