Friday, August 21, 2015

Boston FF

1.  Saturday we spent the day with a book in our hands, the sand in our feet and the sun on our skin at South Beach.  Later in the afternoon we visited Ally's General Store and listened to this awesome acapella group at the library.  We had dinner at Jimmy Sea's; a little Italian place across from Backdoor Donuts that my nurse told me about.  It was absolutely delicious.
2.  Sunday we had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner, played cards, watched the sunset over the harbor and packed for Boston.
3.  Monday morning Tenielle, mom and I boarded the ferry for Boston.  The boys stayed behind to do some fishing.  It was super hot and humid the entire time we were in Boston, but we had a good time nonetheless.  We did a lot of walking, like over 18,000 steps in 1 day, window shopped on Newbury street and did the real thing at Talbots, had dinner at the same Irish pub as last year and bought cannoli's at Mike's Pastry's before meeting the guys back at our gorgeous and very comfortable hotel where we were ever so grateful for a shower.
4.  Tuesday we took in the beauty of Boston including the gardens and architecture, the medical museum and the beautiful library where we enjoyed the Hayden and Handle exhibit or at least us girls did; it put Tony to sleep.
5.  Of course the highlight of Boston is always a Red Sox Game, especially when they win!  At the beginning of the game they honored an Ovarian Cancer Foundation and who gave funds to Ovarian Cancer Research.  It was a nice surprise to me.  They also raised over 90,000 dollars for cancer in just a few hours.  The night couldn't have been better for a baseball came, as it finally cooled down some.
Teal Toes at Fenway
6.  Wednesday we did a little touring and then said goodbye to Boston and each other for a few weeks before we all gather in SLC for Labor Day Weekend.
7.  My 4th chemo treatment happened yesterday where we added back the Gemzar in with the Carbo.  Happily my WBC was up to 3.1. 
I pretty much slept through the entire treatment and the rest of the afternoon.  This chemo makes me so extremely tired.  Thankfully I'm not having as much abdominal pain and nausea this time as previous.  I think it did help that today I also had IV fluids, which I slept through the entire processes and all afternoon.  Tonight I did venture out to our little beach where I watched the end of the summer fireworks.  They were gorgeous and it was relaxing as I listened to the waves crash against the shoreline.  And now it's back to sleep I go.


  1. Love all the pictures!! Terah you live more in one day than most people do in a year!! What wonderful bonding you do as a family!!

  2. So happy the Chemo is better for you this time!! I'm so glad you are listening to your body and sleeping when your tired!!