Monday, August 3, 2015

Almost Back To Normal

Saturday afternoon after Dr. P called and I told him I was fine, the nausea, epigastric abdominal pain and fatigue kicked in full force.  You know I'm sick when I don't want to eat anything except soda crackers, which is exactly what has happened over the last 3 days.  I tried eating breakfast this morning, but it just made me sick.  Some fresh squeezed OJ did hit the spot though.

I haven't been quite as tired this time given I didn't have the gemzar, but I have had my fair share of fatige.  I took a four hour nap yesterday afternoon, which I hated to do, but Emilie used the time to enjoy a book on our little private beach.  Today I only took an hour or so nap and I was able to eat some dinner tonight.  Even though I'm having a little abdominal pain tonight, I feel like this chemo is almost out of me and I'm hoping to be back to normal tomorrow since I have a 10 hour shift to pull the next 2 days; trauma patients only.  I can't be getting sick as I'm sure my counts have gone down even more.  Dr. P did tell me that the neurophils did come up some, even though the PA told me they hadn't, (he was new and I'm sure nervous).  

It has been such a joy to have Emilie here and I will be sad to let her go tomorrow morning.

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  1. Your mom and dad should be there by now yea!! I love them to be with you because they take such good care of you!! I'm glad your feeling better, I hate it when you feel so crummy!!