Friday, August 14, 2015

My Family Visits MVY FF

Friday afternoon mom, dad and Tenielle joined me here on the Island.  Given I had chemo the day before, I was on my way to not feeling well, but we of course made the most of every moment that I was feeling well.
1.  First off I had to take them to Chilmark for Pizza and to visit Chilmark Chocolates because it was the last day they are open until September 10.  It gets way too busy in August for them to stay open and there are only 8 parking spots, so it gets very tight.  They were all impressed and each got their own box of chocolates, which is nice so we don't have to share our favorites.
2.  Saturday I wasn't feeling good, so I slept while my family enjoyed some sun and shopping.
3.  Sunday it was super stormy.  We went to church, played cards, took naps and went on a walk.  The waves on our little beach were much larger than they typically are.
4.  Monday morning we went to the Island Authors event which was a bunch of authors who talked about different aspects of writing and publishing.  It was pretty cool.  We then went to my friend Jane's home where she was having a Kantha Sale.  Remember my Kantha that she gave me in June?  I love it and take it with me each time I go to Chemo.  It was fun to meet her friend Jeannette who brings these beautiful Katha's from India.  We had such a great time visiting with these ladies and Jane's Husband Cliff who is an Author and the writer of the show Dexter.  I can't wait to read his books, but first I have to get through my stack of books on my nightstand. 
Tony joined us Monday afternoon for his first visit to the Island.  Again I wasn't feeling well, which always happens in the afternoon for the first 5 days after chemo.  I kind of feel like a little kid who has to take their afternoon nap.
5.  We had an awesome opportunity yesterday with the organization Sailing Heals.  When I was having chemo last week they told me about this organization that takes cancer patients and their care giver's sailing.  Remember sailing was on my bucket list for the summer?  The event was small; only 20 people.  They provided lunch for us at Edgertown Yacht Club and then our family along with another cancer survivor and co-founder boarded the most gorgeous sailboat with three incredibly handsome host captains.  It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for sailing.  The 3 or so hours we spent sailing was the most relaxing I think I've ever had or at least in the last few months.  Sailing Heals hope is that as cancer patients and care giver's we can leave the worries and stresses of cancer behind for a few hours.  We had a great time getting to know the 5 other people on our sailboat.  I have this absolute love for sailboats.  I am surrounded by them every where I look on the island and I can't get enough of them.
6.  I have worked several hours this week as well.  I've seen so much trauma, probably more than I have all summer.  I've taken several foreign body's out of feet (like what looks like a sharks tooth below; patient took this picture and sent it to me) and fingers this week including a nail from a finger today, treated several horrible broken bones, plenty of tick bites and poison ivy.  I truly do love working here.  I get to meet so many kind people from all over the world.
I work with these awesome folks; second year in a row.  I'm so blessed to work with people I also call my friends.  Oh, yes and patients bring us things like wine (no I didn't drink any), candy and pizza, because they love that we get them in and out quickly and take really good care of them.  I found out this week that our ER has 99% patient satisfaction scores.  That is the highest I've ever heard of. 
7.  Here are some more pictures from what we saw from the sailboat.


  1. Love the pictures Terah. I am beyond bummed that Chilmark Chocolates will be closed while Jason and I are there! MV is such a lovely place!

    1. Oh, but I knew you were coming so I stocked up!

  2. Oh hooray! You are so thoughtful!

  3. More beautiful pictures!! I can see why you love it so much!! I am impressed I didn't think rich people would be so kind, sounds like they're amazing!! So happy you had so much fun with your family!!

    1. I've learned in my life that that are so many kind people all over the world, especially here in MVY!