Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Emilie Visits MVY

My cousin Emilie and I are not just cousin's but best friend's.  I always say that if I could relive 1 year of my life it would be the year I lived with her in Kentucky.  It was one of my most favorite year's, not only because of the people I met there, but because of the relationship that I built with Emilie.  When I lived on the East Coast it was her home that I would go to when I wanted to have some family time and only had a few days off.  Even when she moved to Alabama, she was still close enough that I could fly there in an hour or so.

It has been over 2 1/2 years since I've seen Emilie.  She called earlier this Summer and told me she wanted to come out.  Less than a week before she came, she finally decided to bite the bullet and bought a plane ticket, got things in order and left her 4 kids and her husband back in Alabama.

She told me she had never been on a trip by herself.  I told her since she was nearly 40 it was about time.  I'm pretty sure Emilie relaxed more than she ever has while she was here, which is exactly what she needed to do and the reason why people come here.

I picked her up from the ferry Tuesday night and took her to the Chowder House, which I think has one of the best chowders on the Island.  She loved it too.  Of course I had to take her to Backdoor Donuts for dessert.  For some reason I'm not liking anything too sweet, which is good for me, but probably boring for her because I didn't share her dessert.
Wednesday I had my blood drawn, ran a few errands and then we took Melanie's jeep to Norton Point where we met Wendy.  I love this beach and the fact that we can drive jeeps up on to the beach.  We spent nearly the entire day at the beach.  Good thing for sun screen.  I'm not about to get a sunburn while I'm here.  I don't do well with that kind of pain or any other pain.  It's funny that girls never run out of things to chat about.

Wednesday evening Emilie and I went to The Wharf where we shared a delicious Steak Salad and some muscles.  Since we were in Edgartown we did have to stop at the Ice Cream Shop to get an ice cream and to say hello to the girls that work there from our little MVY branch.  Even though I'm not wanting sweets, I can never say no to coconut ice cream.

I loved that the candy was tied with teal ribbon.  I'm pretty sure they don't realize it but in my eyes they are supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Thursday morning we went on a walk to our cute Vineyard Haven Library and Emilie spent the day exploring while I worked.
Friday we spent 6 hours having chemo.  It was nice to have Emilie there with me.  Mark a PA I work with and his son came to visit for a short time.  They brought paper and colored pencils.  We took turns drawing on them and adding to the pictures.  It was pretty fun and made the time go by quickly.
Since I always feel fine after chemo, we went out to Chilmark to have a slice of pizza, hit the Chilmark Choclate Factory and then to Grace's Church for Lobster Roll Friday.  We took our Lobster to Lamburts Cove where we read our books and watched the sunset.
Saturday morning we went to the MVY Book Festival for a few hours where we listened to authors talk about their books.  It was actually rather fun.  I took Emilie to have some Nacho's at Sharky's, which is when the abdominal pain started for me.  We went to South Beach for 2 hours where the waves were huge and then I couldn't handle the pain any longer and we came home, I took some Zofran and went to bed.
I felt okay Sunday morning.  We went to church and the ladies in the Relief Society all painted their toenails.  And of course we are all wearing Terah's Army Bracelets.  They are small in number, but great women.  I was sad Melanie had to take her son off island, so she wasn't there, even though this was her idea.
My friend Leah who comes from Long Island for a few months each summer.
Sunday afternoon I slept for four hours and then took Emilie to the cliffs to watch the sunset.  This is one of my favorite places on the island.
Monday we ate breakfast at Art Cliff Diner, but all I could really eat were a few berries and some OJ.  I did start feeling better that afternoon so we spent some time at the beach.  For dinner we met Melanie at The Grill On Main where we visited well into the evening.
Yes as you can see from this picture, I still have a black eye, but it's getting better.
Emilie left this morning.  We had the best week together and have decided it will be a yearly tradition from now on. 


  1. What a wonderful time with your cousin!

  2. I LOVE those Relief Society women. So glad they are taking good care of you.

  3. Emilie, probably had the time of her life!! You are so much fun to be with, great food, beautiful MV, and a good book it doesn't get any better than that!! I bet you were so sad to see it end but there is next year and wonderful memories!! Love Aunt Leslie