Friday, October 21, 2016


Last weekend Tenielle and I met in Austin.  I had a dermatology conference and she came to keep me company.  Austin is awesome.  They have delicious food, weird art and lots of entertainment. Saturday we had fun at the Texas football game and walked 20,000 steps while doing all sorts of touring including the capital. 
Sunday we had the awesome opportunity to attend the LiveStrong Challenge where hundreds of people rode in honor of all cancers.  Even though Live Strong was started because of Testicular Cancer, their money raised helps people of all cancers.  They offer passes to YMCA (which I'm going to hook up with when I return to Phoenix) and they also help people with infertility after cancer.  We met some pretty awesome people who have lost loved ones to cancer.
Like the sign says, I definitely feel like I'm in the fight of my life.  I started radiation yesterday.  It's not so bad yet...

They were having the Austin Film Festival while were were there.  We got to see a showing of Jackie.  It was ok.  I expected it to be about her life after President Kennedy's assassination, but it was about the week after. 

Places we ate:
~Salt Lick BBQ at the airport twice.  So yummy.  It's a mix of Mexican and BBQ.  How can you go wrong with that?
~Stubbs BBQ.  Pretty yummy.  I loved their BBQ Sauce.
 ~Dine.  This was the restaurant in the Raddison where we stayed.  We ate there at happy hour and had some pretty yummy ceviche and guacamole.
~Hula Hut.  By far the best virgin pina colada I've ever had.  I loved the ambiance and the food was yummy.  Thanks to Kaycee for this recommendation.

~Berry Austin Frozen Yogurt.  Delicious and the decor is awesome.
 We found a lot of the cool signs around town.  What a fun time we had, even though it was super hot and humid.
We didn't have a car, but used the bus and Austin's version of uber.  They both worked out well, even if we missed the bus a few times and had to wait around more than we liked while the sweat dripped down our bodies.

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  1. Darling pictures of you and Tenille! Terah lives it up as always!! Living it to the fullest!! I love hula hut!!