Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Radiation A Go

Friday I had an appointment with Dr. Dan.  He told me not to give up, because they weren't giving up either.  I love that.  I also loved that his nurse and most of the nurses in the chemo suite were dressed in their BSU getup to support our team who ran all over NM that night.  My friend Linda came with me since everyone else was busy with wedding preparations.  It was fun to have her there with me.  Her support means so much to me.  I like to think of myself as the daughter she never had.
While I was having immunotherapy infusion I went downstairs to me with Dr. Q the radiation oncologist.  She was awesome.  Both her and Dr. Dan feel that doing the immunotherapy and radiation together is my best bet right now.  Dr. Q told me she feels that I have many years to come.  Monday I went in for preparations for radiation which was just laying on a table and having them put needle sized tattoo's in three areas on my abdomen, which will help them to line me up on the table to make sure things are precise.  I will start chemo next Wednesday.  It will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks and usually only takes about 15 minutes.  The side effects predicted are bowel issues (like I don't have those already), decreased energy (Dr. Q said I'd only have 85 percent of my energy if that, I hope she is wrong) and I will eventually develop a burn on my skin where the radiation will be penetrating (ugh). 

I will continue to have immunotherapy infusions every other week for at least 4 months, likely longer.  I met with a new Dr. D gyn/onc yesterday here in Phoenix.  My friend Nicole went with me and actually knows Dr. D and thinks she is fabulous as do I.  When I return in December and for months after I will have immunotherapy in Phoenix so I don't have to keep going back to Boise. 

I'm feeling good about my treatment.  I'm really tired of this routine, but am so hopeful that this will extend my life and give me pain relief.  I'm still in pain, but sitting on a heating pad or ice and taking continuous pain meds at least helps alleviate the pain a little. 


  1. Im so glad you have such wonderful doctors to take such good care of you, Terah!

    1. Me too. They are amazing and such a blessing in my life.

    2. yup, the daughter I never had - I like the sound of that!!

    3. yup, the daughter I never had - I like the sound of that!!

  2. Yeah your going to feel a lot better soon!! I hope the side effects are minimal I will pray specifically for that!! You do have wonderful doctors and they love you!!!