Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I'm typically not one to complain about pain and I typically don't really have pain, but the past two weeks the pain I'm having in my tailbone and lumbar spine is about to do me in.  I've started taking pain meds at night and if I'm not working I'm going to have to start taking them throughout the day. 

Unfortunately the doctors in San Diego called today saying that they don't feel the intraoperative chemo will be curative.  Because of where the tumor is they would have to remove the entire rectal region and I would have to have a colostomy the rest of my life.  Which we all know doesn't function very well when it comes to style or comfort.  Therefore, they recommend the surgery be the very last resort.  I was hopeful they could just go in, take out the mass and I'd be pain free, but that's obviously not going to be happening.  They (meaning 2 different surgeons in San Diego) recommend that I start radiation to shrink the tumors, which will then decrease the pain. 

I emailed this information to Dr. Dan this afternoon.  He emailed back telling me he agrees and that we can do radiation simultaneously with the immunotherapy.  After my infusion on Friday I will have an appointment with the radiology oncologist to discuss radiation.  Typically radiation is 5 days in a row for several weeks.  The side effects aren't pleasant and can include diarrhea, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and decrease appetite to name a few.  Because I have a conference next weekend in Austin, I'm hoping I can endure a few more weeks before starting all of this.  I also hope that I can do some of these treatments in Phoenix, because I really want to be here for the best months weather-wise and I like sleeping in my bed at my home.

Sometimes I feel like I'm losing hope, but then I think of my 12 nieces and nephews and remember that I'm fighting for them and our future together.  I am hopeful that the immunotherapy is our answer.  I know you all have been praying for 3 years, but please keep the faith with me and keep praying even though I'm sure you are all tired of praying for me.
Isn't Mr. Carter darling?  I can't wait to meet him and hold him this weekend!

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  1. Carter is darling!! No one is tired of praying for you ever!!! We will never stop until your totally well!!!!