Sunday, January 29, 2017

God's Hand has a suggestion for the New Year:  Sunday Journaling:  A new tradition for the new year.  I love this suggestion and want to implement it in 2017.  I love this thought, "The Sabbath day is all about remembering—remembering the Savior, remembering our promises, remembering who we are and why we’re here. What better way to remember on the Sabbath day than to cast our minds over the past week and make note of all the impressions and blessings we’ve been given?  And since Sunday is a day to slow down and focus on activities that help us grow spiritually, it’s a day we can actually find time to reflect and record our thoughts when Monday–Saturday prove too hectic."

There is a cute sign that says, "How has God reached out to me this week?"  I love this question and how it gets me thinking of all of the ways he has reached out to me. One of those ways is through my calling in Young Womens.

It has taken me a year to completely fall in love with my calling in church.  I love that I get to teach these special 12 and 13 year old young women about our Savior, His love for them and how to become closer to him.  Today our lesson was on coming to know Jesus Christ and not just knowing about Him.  I was humbled as I listened to these girls tell me how they know Jesus Christ.  I feel such that I am an instrument in Gods hands in teaching these sweet girls and in helping them build their foundation on Christ. 

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