Monday, January 9, 2017

Thyroid Update

After doubling up on the synthroid and a priesthood blessing I was given by my brothers, dad and brother in law on Christmas day I am finally feeling back to my normal self when it comes to the fatigue.  Now that I feel well, I am looking back realizing just how fatigued I was and I'm amazed that I was able to do a few shifts amidst the elevated TSH. 

I had immunotherapy today and to my surprise the TSH went from 144 to 40 in just 16 days.  Medically speaking that is impossible, but spiritually speaking it is totally possible.  Heavenly Father has truly heard my prayers and those praying for me.  Remember the TSH should be below 4.5 so I still have a ways to go, but at least I'm not dragging.  The crazy thing is that I feel like everytime I have treatment the treatment is fighting with the synthroid.  Hopefully the synthroid continues to be stronger than the immunotherapy when it comes to the thyroid.  I've also noticed that my hands and feet aren't nearly as cold as they were either.  This could be because I'm not in freezing cold Idaho too.  My friend Melinda came with me to treatment.  I so much enjoyed her company.
Speaking of being cold, I came home to a cold house.  My heat went out while I was away for Christmas.  Thankfully I have a Home Owners Insurance policy which will cover a brand new ac/heat unit.  I knew when I bought the house that this would eventually go out since it is 27 years old.  Glad it will only cost me 175 instead of 7000 dollars.

I met with Dr. D today while I was having treatment.  She is such a great doctor and gives me such hope that there are always more treatments to do if this one doesn't work.  She did inform me that she has sent my tissue samples for testing to see if a PARP inhibitor would treat my cancer.  Remember when I was diagnosed the second time Dr. P talked to me about doing this kind of treatment?  It is pill form which would be nice to do instead of every two week infusions.  We are doing immunotherapy until my next scan on March 21.  The one thing I do notice with the immunotherapy still is that sometimes my knees and ankles ache.  Typically this is worse when I'm cold and at night when I'm not moving.  Thankfully motrin seems to improve these symptoms. 

I've also noticed lately that my abdomen isn't hurting as much when I eat.  I think this is because I've finally come to realize how much (or rather little) I can eat.  I'm much better if I just snack.  If I get full, I'm done for.  I definitely never go back for seconds. 

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