Saturday, December 31, 2016

Things I Learned In 2016

As each year comes to an end, I like to think about things I've learned from the past 365 days.  This year again, wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for.  Nonetheless, I feel Heavenly Father is still testing me and trying me to see how strong I am.

In 2016 I learned...
~To continue to be patient and endure the trials I continue to face.
~That 12 and 13 year old girls have a lot of drama in their lives, but the opportunity to teach them the gospel is a great responsibility.
~To continue to hope for a long future.
~Buying a used house is a lot of work, but so much fun to make it my own.
~To not remodel a kitchen and both bathrooms at the same time.
~How to do back splash tile in a kitchen.
~That Seattle is a great place to vacation and build stronger friendships.
~ How amazing people are as they give of their hard earned money to OVC research.
~That radiation can make me feel awful, but to hang in there while counting down the treatments.

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