Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tenielle Gets Married

Tenielle got married last weekend.  I was super sick from treatment, but put on a smile, a cute outfit, took lots of pills to keep me from wanting to lay myself on the floor and endured.  In fact between the luncheon and the reception which I was almost an hour late to, I spent in my PJ's in bed at the hotel.  I was so sick I didn't get to enjoy much of the food, which by the way was delicious.  It was super duper cold.  In fact from the hotel to the house for an hour to get my hair done it went from rain to snow and continued to snow until just before the luncheon started.
They got married in the Gold Room at the Utah Capital.  It was beautiful and the Governor did a good job, even though it was a bit long winded.  But they are married and that's a wrap for weddings for 2016.

There were only a few meltdown moments:
I couldn't resist.  Too funny!
And here are some from the reception, including who wore the fur coat best, thanks to our friend Sally!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! I think I like tonia Marie in the coat best