Friday, December 23, 2016

OVC Update

A few days before Tenielles wedding, my CA-125 went from 34 to 138.  It is likely that it was from the radiation.  I was kind of a basket case, especially since the chemo nurse gave it to me at the end of my treatment (I had treatment in Phoenix).  That would never have happened in Boise, but I guess they do things differently in Phoenix.  My new Dr. D called me the next morning and told me not to worry about it.  Yea, easier said than done.  But many prayers and answers to those prayers made it easier not to worry about it.  In fact I didn't even tell my parents about it until I flew home for Christmas 2 days ago.

Yesterday I had a ct scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis.  I was for sure there was a tumor in the my lungs or abdomen because I've had some restrictions with breathing and have pain with eating.  Today however, the scan showed that the presacral tumors have shrunk and are calcified thanks to the radiation.  There is some minimal growth of pelvic lymp nodes with the largest amount of growth at 8mm.  I'm so happy there are no new tumors.  Dr. Dan spent a good 30 minutes talking options and mostly talking about the fact that the reason I've been extremely fatigued and having abdominal issues and breathing issues is because my TSH (thyroid) is a whopping 144.  He and Dr. Q both said they have never seen one that high and neither had I.  This explains a lot of the awful side effects I've been feeling.  I called my primary care's office in Phoenix while I was having treatment to find out that 12 days ago my TSH was 98.  1 month ago my TSH was 0.03, so I stopped taking my medicine.  They had sent in a new prescription for me which was less than I was taking before, but didn't bother to call me.  So I went from Hyperthyroidism to severe Hypothyroidism in a matter of 30 days.  Crazy.  I also saw Dr. Q after seeing Dr. Dan (they talked between my elevator ride downstairs and our visit).  Dr. Q said that typically immunotherapy makes the cancer expand before it shows improvement.  This made me feel better about continuing it, even though I feel like poop.  Hopefully in the coming weeks since I'm doubling my treatment I'll be feeling better.

I'm so grateful for no new growth and hoping this continues to shrink the tumors.  It is so nice not to have the tailbone pain.  Tony came with me to treatment today.

This cute boy visited me after treatment today.  He picked a book for me to read.  It was a book about a mom who talks to her daughter about why she looses her hair to cancer.  I'm just glad I have a good style these days.  I told Dr. Dan today that I didn't want to do chemo because I didn't want to lose my hair again and then I asked him if I was being vain and he told me no. 
 On our way home we drove by Grandma and Grandpa's.  It's so sad their house is still empty.  I had so many fun memories of their house.


  1. your doing great in my book!! Our house does make me so sad!!!

  2. I'm not Jeremy Johnson Jeremy how did you get in my comments?????