Monday, December 12, 2016


My mom flew in last week and spent a week with me here in sunny AZ.  We have always wanted to visit Disneyland during the Christmas Season, so we did.  We drove there on Tuesday, stopping in Palm Springs at the outlets, which are fabulous.  They have a great Disney Store which we love. 

We were pretty tired when we finally got to our hotel, which was clean, comfortable and cozy.  Wednesday we got our first ever Year Pass to Disneyland.  We were pretty excited.  The only good thing about having cancer is the cancer card that I get at Disneyland.  With the fast passes and the cancer card we never have to wait in those long lines.  There is just no way that I could do it. Dad met us at Disneyland in the afternoon. 
We had such a great day.  Disneyland is magical, but it's even more magical at Christmas.  I love the Christmas music and entertainment.  The new Frozen show at CA Adventures is awesome.  And my favorite ride Soarin CA is now Soarin the World.  I didn't think they could make this ride any better, but oh, they sure did.  I rode this ride the most of any.  I love it.  And the food, oh my the 'smores bar, giant peppermint patty, apple slush and mac and cheese were amazing.  We shared everything, no worries I didn't eat it all myself.  Don't try the lobster roll, it doesn't come close to anything on MVY.
 Mom and I were the only ones on Splash Mountain, seriously who wants to get wet when we are wearing jackets.
By the end of each day I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to walk one more step and Friday when we visited Downtown Disney before we headed back to AZ I really almost couldn't.  I admit, I pushed the limit, but it was so fun.  The weather was fabulous and the time spent with mom and dad was memorable.  I think I'm still recovering or maybe its just the fact that the immunotherapy is just not my friend.  I'm beyond tired and very tired of feeling tired.  Unfortunately today I have another treatment, boohoo.

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  1. So magical looking!! 9 miles really?? No wonder you were exhausted!! So glad you had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!