Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aidree Turns 1

I can't believe that my darling little niece is one. It seems just like yesterday that she was born the same day we were celebrating yet another Boise State Win. We sure love her blue eyes, independent spirit, chubby legs, and sweet smile. I flew in an hour before the festivities began. It was the first time I was in town for a one year old party. I have decided that the parents are the one's who should receive the gifts congratulating them for making it through the first year. The weather was perfect as we sat out at Tristen and Mitch's and the kids played on the blow up slide. Mitch's nieces and nephews already knew the rules that we stand in line, but Gavin and Kadyn had to learn something new that day; taking turns. It was pretty funny to those watching, but not to the ones who already knew the rules.
Aidree loves to eat. I think that she is also a social eater like her Aunt Terah. However, she wasn't quite sure what to do when a cake was put in front of her...

But it didn't take her long to figure it out.

Even Uncle Troy had fun with Aidree's gifts...

We had a great time together. And the babies, well they just keep growing. It is amazing how they change in a mere two weeks. Oh, how we love them!


  1. Hard to decide which is more fun - Aidree's cake face or Troy's tutu head. =)

  2. They are both funny, but Troy's tutu head is pretty funny.