Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Back!

It's that time of year Boise Residents looks forward to all year. Football season has got to be one of my very favorites for many reasons. My earliest memory of Boise State Football is watching it as a kid with my dad when Pokey Allen was the coach. I remember very well Coach Allen getting and later dying from cancer. I don't know why I remember this but I do. I would venture to say this is the time when Boise State Fans started to become a Boise Nation. I love to go home to see the blue and orange every where. People wear blue and orange like they are the only colors made. People ask me all the time where my "accent is from." After I tell them this is normal talk, I tell them I'm from Boise. Then they always ask about "the blue turf." Just this morning at 3:30am I had a conversation about it with the oral surgeon. He was telling me how awesome it looked on HDTV. Patients always ask me where I went to school and when I tell them Boise State they always start talking to me about Boise State Football and of course I love it. Nearly 24 hours from now I will be anxiously awaiting kickoff of the first game of the 2010 season. Oh, how I wish I was there to support my team in DC as we take on Virginia Tech. No worries though. I will be sporting my Boise State Blue scrubs tomorrow and will be dawning my blue and orange gear as soon as I'm off. Here's to another fabulous football season...

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