Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Karstons Blessing Day

Last week I went home after being home just 2 weeks before. It was Karstons blessing day, so I switched a shift and took a detour on my way to California for my Disney land trip, so I could be home for the big day. That's now two blessing days that I haven't missed. It was a beautiful fall day. Danielle couldn't find a blessing outfit small enough so she made it the night before. It turned out darling. It was fun to go to their ward. I ran into Sister Tague, who had recently moved into Tylers ward. When I was in primary she was the primary president. I love this lady. She was an LPN on the med/surg floor when I got my first job as a CNA. I remember being scared out of my mind not knowing what I was doing. It was always great to be able to work with her, especially when we had to work on Sundays. When I saw her there she hugged me and held on to me for dear life. She was almost in tears at the excitement she felt seeing our family all grown up. And she was so pleased at what I have become from once being a naive CNA.

After church we had a delicious family dinner with ham, funeral potatoes and of course Tenielle's new famous orange creamsicle jello! And of course we couldn't end the weekend without enjoying Tenielle's pedicures, even Aidree got one and she held very still for it.
Even Kadyn got in on the action!

PS. Yes, it is 330am. I have major jet lag which is effecting my precious sleep.

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  1. He's super adorable! Love his little outfit! And I'd like to hear more about this creamsicle jello. =)